Keyboard Setup for Virtual Machine Lab

The virtual machines supplied with the lab enviroment are configured by default with a UK keyboard. To change the keyboard for a specific locale, follow the instructions below based on whether or not it is a centos or a ubuntu installed system -

CentOS based Virtual Machines

Check the existing keyboard configuration with the command -

# localectl

Use the following command to search for available keymaps -

# localectl list-keymaps

Given the multitude of keymaps, you may wish to narrow the list down to a specific country, for example, for the US, you could use -

# localectl list-keymaps | grep ^us

Once you have identified a keymap, use the following command to set -

# localectl set-keymap us

Ubuntu based Virtual Machines

Use the configuration wizard to change the keyboard, by issuing the command

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration