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Ansible London Meetup 19th March 2019

Narrated by James Spurin, @jamesspurin, the views and opinions are my own. All images in this post including the Sainsbury’s front desk were captured by myself during the event and are free to use, s

Celebrating 3000+ Students at Udemy

One year on since initially launching our Mastering Ansible course in March 2018, we’re happy to have helped over 3000 students on Udemy, Master Ansible whilst consistently maintaining a Best Seller

Using your own control host with the lab

Whilst a control host for Ansible is provided with the course, i.e. the Virtual Machine called ubuntu-c, some prefer to configure their own control host. It is recommended that you leverage the pro

Update: Virtual Machine Images

Update to the Virtual Machine Images, the Lab machines have had a minor update, the motd (Message of the day) has been changed to reflect context regarding the 2 most important issues that trouble us

DNS Issues with Lab Virtual Machines

An issue that I’ve been contacted about on the course, is a lack of internet connectivity within the guests of the VM lab. Naturally, when a system is started it’s almost like a motor reflex action,

Virtual Machine Download

The virtual machines used for the lab in the course, can be downloaded using the following shortened url - I’ve been contacted in the past and advised that this url has failed i

Keyboard Setup for Virtual Machine Lab

The virtual machines supplied with the lab enviroment are configured by default with a UK keyboard. To change the keyboard for a specific locale, follow the instructions below based on whether or not

About Mastering Ansible

The Mastering Ansible Video Course. 11.5 hours of the finest Ansible Video Training available. Video DescriptionExploit the power of Ansible to expedite scalable orchestration, DevOps, and automati